We are extremely please to introduce you to an amazing young talent


Rachael Frankruyter-2.jpg

The Stratford singer and musician’s self-titled EP contains three original songs she wrote – At Peace, Never, and Reckless

“It feels crazy,” she said, “especially because I wrote the songs myself. They’re just so personal to me and they mean so much to me, so to have it released for everybody to hear now and relate to, is really crazy.”

The 18-year-old Stratford native describes her music as pop alternative. “There’s definitely pop influences in there, but there’s also an acoustic feel to it as well, It’s not super mainstream, but it has some pop elements.”

Frankruyter, who plays several instruments including the piano and guitar, recorded it in her hometown at In Tune Audio alongside owner Charlie McEvoy, He’d been my music teacher growing up as well, so I knew him really well and we decided to record it together,” she said. The Avon and Northwestern grad started singing at age seven. “In every way shape and form, I’ve been in love with music since,” Rachael, plans to record another album. “I just had so much fun and it’s something that I realize, once you start recording, it’s something that you don’t want to stop doing, so I’ll definitely be back,”